Hosus New Solar Antique Chandelier LED Bulb Pathway Light 10 Lumens

Thanks to the advances in technology, the amber glow of early 20th century lighting is now available in energy-efficient LED chandelier bulbs. Featuring a beautiful filament design, these antique-style LED bulbs have become increasingly popular in restaurants, lobbies, coffee shops and even homes over the last few years. Commonly used in chandeliers and wall sconces, these long-lasting replica bulbs are typically seated on a candelabra base.
As a manufacturer who focused on the production of solar lighting for more than a decade, we have been working on how to introduce the new concepts and new designs into our products for years. Given the popularity of this retro LED bulb design in interior lighting, we are always considering how to introduce this LED bulb into the solar path light. Now it works on our new HOSUS solar antique chandelier LED bulb pathway light.
Because of the voltage different between the interior lighting and the solar lighting, it is impossible to take and install this kind LED chandelier bulb directly in the solar path light as solar is only 1.2V or 3.2V. So we have to improve the PCB of the solar path light and the filament LED chip to meet the required voltage, and it worked when we installed the bulb into the C7/Candelabra base (E12) , Yes, it lights on.
But we have to face the second problem, if the solar path light uses this Chandelier Bulb with the same socket for the interior lighting that will be possible for customers to misuse this bulb for interior lighting that could be dangerous and it is unforgivable for us. So what shall we do to improve the socket, or find a better way to connect the bulb and PCB. Finally we have a solution.
We bend the metal strips which the LED filament was soldered on it into springs, then attached the Bulb body and the socket together by ultrasonic soldering. Now you can easily turn it into the improved base on the plastic light head, that the springs can touch the solder joint on the PCB and connect with the LED filament and make it light. So now it perfectly solves the problem and works great.
solar antique chandelier led bulb pathway light
These Hosus new solar antique chandelier LED bulb pathway light set of 4 with antique-style LED bulbs bring a special vintage look and decorative accent to your favorite outdoor space. They are made of high quality and durable plastic in black that gives them an elegant look. These solar power lights, during the day, the solar panel converts solar power into electricity and store in the rechargeable battery, at night, the light turns on automatically. The 3000K color temperature give off a warm white glow, it is best suited for areas of outdoor space like garden, patio, yard and walkway.

solar led vintage style wall mounting landscape light

The feature of easy to assembly and install, just pull off the insulate chip when first time use and put it into the soft ground where with adequate sunlight to charge the rechargeable battery pre-assembled. After one full day sun lighting charge, it can work more than 8-10 hours in the night, illuminating your garden, walkway and brings safety.
Another important feature is 8x brighter (10 lumens) than the normal 1.2 lumens solar pathway light, that means it can delivery much more lighting.
Meanwhile it has two kind of mounting ways option, one is ground spike, and another is wall mounting, you can put it in the ground or install it on fence, post or wall. With the IPX4 waterproof rating make you don’t need to worry about the raining and snow.
Well with our new solar antique chandelier LED bulb pathway light, it is time to enjoy the outdoor time.
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