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Solar Lantern

Solar lantern are one of the easiest ways to bring a warm ambiance to your outdoor gatherings. Not only are solar lanterns long-lasting and maintenance free, they’re also green – providing you and your energy bill with a nice break. And unlike other outdoor lighting, the lanterns are easily portable giving you the freedom to move the party about the yard.

Because the lanterns feature solar-powered LED lights, they offer bright, inviting light without any additional work. Once turned on and placed in the sun, the embedded solar panels absorb the sun’s rays throughout the day and power on your lantern in the evening so you can spend the maximum time enjoying the outdoors.

Our lantern collection offers fixtures in a range of styles so you can illuminate your space and simultaneously decorate it. Ranging from classic, matte black to rustic rope and ribbed glass, here you’ll find the perfect lantern for your patio.

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