2018 best solar landscape path light

Best Solar Powered Landscape path Lights 2018

Do you ever have the experience that , you want lights in your garden, but install the conventional lighting is a really headache.

Because you need to have power run out to your garden and you will have to pay a qualified electrician to do this for you and that will cost money.

It can also be a major disruption to your garden !

So what is the alternative? Well in this Best Solar Landscape Path Light for Garden, we will show you why the solar landscape path light are becoming more and more popular.

The outdoor solar landscape path lights that are available now, and they are so much better than the previous versions due to the technology advancement . The old solar lights could only emit a light that was pretty dim, and they were not very reliable at all.

Best Solar Powered Landscape path Lights 2018All this has now changed, there are some great solar landscape path light available, that have higher efficiency and powerful LED’s that produce a very bright light. LED’s are a lot more efficient than conventional light bulbs, as they hardly create any heat when they are working which means that you need less power to make them work.

Meanwhile, another two basic parts, the solar panels and rechargeable batteries also have higher transfer efficiency and capacity , that improved the performance of the solar lights a lot, make them can work from dusk to dawn , some can run whole night.

It is easy for you to install solar lights in your garden. All you need to do is to position them so that they receive some direct sunlight to make them work. There are no requirements for the installation of power cables.

With the market exploding with new models and more companies coming on board, the biggest problem you will face is deciding which of the many outdoor solar Lights that are on the market today is the perfect solar light.

So we’ve sorted out the top rated models, some of which we cover in our reviews section, and have narrowed them down to users rating, and we think you’ll agree, are the best solar powered garden light.

1.  Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Light, Set of 6, Bronze, with Glass Lens, Metal Ground Stake, and Extra-Bright LED 


Best Solar Powered Landscape path Lights 2018

This Enchanted Space solar path light is one of the best solar path lights. Made from sturdy stainless steel metal construction with “Swirled Clear” glass lens,  and 3 finish option, Bronze, Black, and Stainless Steel, the powder coated Bronze and Black finish make it look nice to match your garden .

At nearly H16″ x Dia4.5″ (12″ above the ground, 4″ below) tall the light didn’t hide in the shrub and grass. The real glass lens creates a beautiful star-shaped pattern of light on the ground,adds an interesting new look to your landscape!

The 6 lumens output with 5000K color temperature give off a soft white glow, this warm white or soft white range is best suited for areas of outdoor spaces like garden , patio, yard and pathway .

The another important feature is, the stake is improved with metal Aluminum material, that make it free of broken when you put the assembly lights into the ground whatever the soil is hard or soft, you don’t need to worry about it. While the other solar path lights were always complained the stake is fragile and easy be broken.

it was also guaranteed with Hassle-Free Warranty on replacement parts. If anything breaks, they will replace it. 

We think that is why it has the average 4.4 stars with more than 580 customers reviewed.



2. Maggift 8 pcs Solar Powered LED Garden Light    

These lights are available in 8 packs. These have a lantern design and will provide a reasonably bright light that is warm. Some would call this “romantic” solar garden lighting and if that’s your thing then these could for you.                                                                 

You can easily install the Solar Powered LED Garden Lights in your garden, your patio area, your walkway or driveway – in fact pretty much anywhere. The lights are made of plastic but they are reasonably durable. The plastic spikes can break so make holes in the soil first before you install them.

You need put it in more than 8 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the batteries. Then it can work around 8-10 hours.

There are 8 LED’s in the lights and they are 11 inches in height by 2.32 inches wide. The lights are marked as water resistant and should withstand frost, snow and rain. This Solar Powered LED Garden Lights performed well and represent very good value for money. They are made of plastic but the lantern look is quite appealing, and the price for 8pk is valuable, and it is the hottest solar items in 2018 with more than 700 customers reviewed.  check the price on Amazon                            

3. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights Pathway Outdoor Garden Glass Stainless Steel 

This garden solar path light measures 16.54″ in height x 4.72″ in diameter. Wireless solar Pathway Light with auto sensor made of stainless steel with watertight diamond glass light shade that enables you to use this bright solar garden light outdoor durably.

Modern substantial textured touch of Metal and Glass quality of this solar power walkway light for garden patio lawn and backyard is much better than solar path way lighting made of plastic.Stainless steel and rugged ABS plastic construction gives the longest-lasting life of any LED lights on the market.

It is easy to assembly and installed. No addition tools required to install this solar ground lighting outdoor. Wireless setting up and operation with this LED solar landscape lighting. Quickly install this modern solar ground garden light by pushing this glass solar landscape light outdoor into the ground.

The automatic solar powered light has a solar panel that absorbs sun light during the day to convert sunlight into electricity to recharge the AA Ni-MH battery (included). Solar power lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn which enables led pathway light conserves battery life for when it’s needed most. The pattern of this solar Christmas light is also attractive; solar path light warm white is a perfect addition to your backyard!

 6 Lumens output with one warm white LED of this solar ground pathway light. Diamond shaped LED lights of this decorative solar lights outdoor are powered by solar panel which give off glowing light that lasts up to 8-12 hours (no extra electricity needed); 100% SOLAR-POWERED. White led solar lights stay lit all through the night and into the morning. Enjoy free lighting of this solar powered path light glass for whole night!

Glass solar outdoor path light is waterproof IP65. No worries about rain, snow, frost or sleet.  The bright light given off by this stainless outdoor solar light provides safety of passage when no light source is available. Whether your mode of transportation is by vehicle or by foot let the illumination of this solar plant light guide you!


Whatever your reason for choosing solar lights may be, it make a great addition to your garden when chosen and installed with a clear and definite design in mind.

There are a lot of people (like us) using solar lights for illuminating their garden and saving lot of money in the end with great results.

There is always modification to the product(s) from the manufacturers, we keep update the above chart, as new products arrived and/or delete the ones which are no longer available from the manufacturers. So keep visit us for latest price, review and updates from the solar lighting world!

Any comments, pls leave a reply as below, we will give our response soon .


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