2021 Top Rated Solar Black LED Flicker Flame Post Cap Light

Solar Light is one of the most important categories for outdoor, whatever for decoration, security, or illustration.  With the features of environmental-friendly and safe, powered by solar energy make them cost-effective, no wires need and easy to install. All these features make it is popular in homeowners.

Meanwhile in recently years , the flicker flame light , you will also find more and more are applied in interior and exterior lighting , such as the traditional electric lighting, low voltage outdoor lighting, even the solar lighting. It is also very popular. Thanks for the advance of LED technology the fire-like flames looks gorgeous and realistic, it can perfectly simulate the flame effect but with no worry about the risk of fire. It brings security as well as the special atmosphere in life.

In our last article, we made an introduction of top rated solar flicker flame path light in 2020. Today we will introduce you a new solar flicker flame post cap light. Deck post cap light is widely accepted and installed by homeowners, which can add guidance and illumination to the entire outdoor space. And will help your deck glow.  But you will find  there is not too much of the post cap light with the FLICKER FLAME design. Today we will introduce a new one to you.

As usual we will not just listed the features, specification,  pros and cons as the other articles do , which just copy the information from the product description. We think consumers have their own judgment if we can show the technical and physical data for the products in real.

First, let’s show some photos to see what it looks like, from below you can see the design is close to the normal post cap light, which is well accepted on the market. The left one is flicker flame post cap light which we today recommend; you can see there is a flicker flame bulb inside the housing, and the out is a mesh.  While the right one is the post cap light with normal LED which you can easy find on Amazon or in most of stores.

And also we can check some flicker flame designs on Amazon, see below:

The photos on Amazon are always over rendering to make it looks weird. But from the pictures, we can see it also has a bulb inside.

To buy a solar light, we think follow list need to carefully check out.

First: You must keep in mind, as the name Solar Light, mean it must need Sun lighting,  the solar light need to be installed in the location where there is direct sun lighting.  We often meet some customers complain that the lighting did not work, or it runs short time in the night.  When we check where it was installed, we will find some of them are installed in the shade of building or shrub, that with less directly sun lighting. So you need to be sure the position solar lighting installed at, has the sun lighting, before you plan to buy it. Otherwise we did not recommend it.

Second, for the post cap light, there is another point you need to understand, the size of deck post, which you need to check in advance. For the lumber deck post, the most used size is 4”x 4” post ,or 6”x 6” post. sometimes, it is 5”x5”. but if you’ve ever really checked the size of these lumber posts, you will find the real size is 3 1/2x3 1/2 inch or 5 1/2 x5 1/2 inch,  but claimed size is 4x4 inch and 6x6 inch. Fortunately most of the solar post cap lights have the adaptor which can fit both 4x4 inch and 6x6 inch posts.

Now, let’s come back to the solar flicker flame post cap light, this light also has an adaptor that make it can fit both 4x4 inch post and 6x6 inch post.

Then, let’s have a review of the construction and material. It has 5 parts, one solar head with a white flame bulb preinstalled , housing with a transparent lens inside, and 4 pieces of the black metal mesh outside the lens . and one 6 inch adaptor. The material of the top cover, housing and adaptor is made of ABS which has a better weather resistance.

parts 5

We think the great design is the metal mesh, make it looks like the fireplace in your home,  imagine that you have outdoor activities with these flicker flame path lights and post cap lights, that will bring special atmosphere.

Another great design point for the manufacturer we think is there is a clear lens inside the mesh, otherwise the tiny fliers and bugs will get into  the mesh, and the moisture, that will make the housing dirty and in a mess. The clear lens not only keep the original performance, but also can block the bug and fly in .

Another finding about the difference is the flame bulb has two modes, one is the flicker flame mode, and one is ON mode ,that is STILL light .

You will also find the flame bulb goes deep into the bottom, to make the flame or fire looks like rise from the bottom, that is more real fire-like.  While others the bulb is hanging in the air, make it looks not very real like below show .

For the solar light , the most important three parts we think are the solar panel, battery and LED board, the basic electrical parts which decides the function and performance of the lighting directly. The other is just the appearance and construction different, so we will pay more attention to introduce it .


Solar Quality of Solar Flicker Flame Post Cap Light 


The solar quality determines the conversion rate of the solar panel. the solar panels with high-quality material construction provide a higher conversion rate. At now the most used are the poly-crystalline, mono-crystalline and amorphous solar panel, to learn more visit our another article. When the solar panel is same kind,the bigger size have bigger power. We can check the solar panel size of this flicker flame post cap light and the Hampton Bay Solar Flicker Flame Path light.

The both solar panels are 6x6cm , and the width of the solar cells inside is same, so we think the power rate is same as the one of Hampton Bay Solar Black LED Flicker Flame Path Light . but we find the solar panel used on the Flicker Flame Post Cap Light is the laminated one, not the epoxy solar panel . As we introduced in another post “ How Do Solar Outdoor Landscape Lighting Work” , you can find the difference between the laminated solar panel and the epoxy solar panel .

At the post “How To Fix And Repair Your Cloudy Solar LED Path Lights DIY” , it introduced the epoxy solar panel life span is shorter than the laminated one,  and will easy become haze or white after half or one year. So the laminated solar panel is an adding score item we think.

Battery Capacity of solar flicker flame post cap light

These solar flicker flame lighting torches and post cap lights, the converted energy directly gets stored in the batteries of the lights. Nevertheless, it is easy to guess that these batteries have to be good in quality to retain the converted energy for a long time. As these lights are for outdoor decoration, so you have to opt for the lights that come with high-capacity batteries. You must look for a lighting system that comes with a long-lasting lifespan.

In this case, the battery for the flicker flame post cap light is 1000mah AA Ni-MH battery , which is same as the Hampton Bay solar flicker flame path light .


The LED board of solar flicker flame path/torch light


The flicker flame post cap light , the white LED bulb is sealed with ultra sonic soldering , it is not easy to break,  so we think the waterproof is also good. we also break it with a hammer to check inside, and find the  flexible LED board , rolled into cylinder, and it has 72 SMD LEDs, same as the Hampton Bay brand path light .

From these comparison , I think we are more confident to this solar flicker flame post cap light , the quality and performance .


At Last Let’s see a short video to show what the performance of these lights in the night .

the dancing/flickering effect is complex and random enough that it feels quite natural — not mechanical or repetitive — and the shape and size of the flames are very satisfactory.


it is so thrilled to discover these "dancing flame" or flickering flame LED path/post cap lights. More than pleased with their very realistic flame-like motion, brightness, and color.  it is really a great job for whoever designed this product.

Conclusion -

Selecting the right solar flicker flame path/post cap light to light up your garden, yard ,patio or flowerbed and creating a delighting scene. make you and your friends feel the joy. it is a worthy investment.

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