Top rated solar flicker flame path light in 2020 reviews/ buyer’s guide

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In recently years, you may find more and more flame bulb are applied in the lighting, whatever indoor and outdoor, high voltage, low voltage, even the solar light. It is very popular. The fire-like flames looks gorgeous and realistic, there is no better way to beautify your home, your garden, and your yard by adding a flickering flame light during a festive season.


Solar Light is one of the most important category for outdoor, with the features of environmental-friendly and safe, powered by solar energy make them cost-effective, no wires need and easy to install.


Today we just select 3 solar flicker flame path lights bought from Depot, and Amazon, which we think can represent the kind of high , middle and low. We will not just list the features, the specification, pros and cons as the other reviews which just copy it from the websites. We think the consumers have their own judgment if we can show them technical and physical data for the products .

First, Let’s show the photos of the three solar flicker flame path lights. We think the first one is the real shoot photo, the 2nd and 3rd is the rendering pictures to add some fire effect, that will give the consumers misleading.

Check out the following list of parameters when you buy a solar flicker flame path/torch light.

The material of Solar Flicker Flame Path/Torch Light

A high-end solar light usually comes with the weather and rustproof material construction. The metal like aluminum or stainless steel is the best option. Most manufacturers provide solar lighting system with impact-resistant ABS plastic material. For outdoor purposes, the lights with ABS plastic housing are perfect for outdoor uses. However, you can simply go for the lights with stainless-steel housing with corrosion and rust-resistant coating to ensure durability, that will be better.

The first one Hampton Bay solar flicker flame path light 2PK is the metal  construction with stainless steel top cover, stainless steel post, and stainless steel mesh, with a clear plastic lens inside. and a sturdy plastic stake. The whole light is powder coated matte black finish, make it free of rusty.

material of hampton bay 2pk solar flicker flame path light
material of hampton bay 2pk solar flicker flame path light2

The second is plastic injected, maybe PP or ABS material, the plastic looks not too bad, but not as good as metal one .

The third path light is also plastic injected, but the plastic looks recycled plastic, the surface is a little dirty and there is color difference.

material of 8pk solar flicker flame path
material of 3 solar flicker flame path

The dimensions comparison of solar flicker flame path/torch lights:


Photo    Length    Width    Height
   5.9 in    5.9 in    22.8 in
   3.7 in    3.7 in    22.8 in
   3.5 in    3.5 in    22.8 in

From the dimension comparison, we find the first one is much bigger than the other two path lights.

For the solar light , the most important three parts we think are the solar panel, battery and LED board.


Solar Quality of Solar Flicker Flame Path/Torch Light –

The solar quality determines the conversion rate of the solar panel. The models with higher conversion rates usually have the latest solar technology. However, the solar panels with high-quality material construction provide a higher conversion rate. At now the most used are the poly-crystalline, mono-crystalline and amorphous solar panel, to learn more visit our another article. When the solar panel is same kind,the bigger size have bigger we can check the right photos.

from thess pictures we can find the solar panel of all the 3 path lights have 4 small soar cells. But the first one the Hampton Bay solar flicker flame path light has bigger cells. Big cells means more power, that it can collect more sun lighting and convert into electricity. The third one has the smallest solar panel.

Solar panel check

Battery Capacity of solar flicker flame path/torch light -

In these cases of solar flicker flame lighting torches, the converted energy directly gets stored in the batteries of the lights. Nevertheless, it is easy to guess that these batteries have to be good in quality to retain the converted energy for a long time. As these lights are for outdoor decoration, so you have to opt for the lights that come with high-capacity batteries. You must look for a lighting system that comes with a long-lasting lifespan.

from the pictures below we can see:

battery check

The first one, the Hampton Bay solar flicker flame path light 2pk use the 1000mah NI-MH AA 1.2V rechargeable battery, the second is 600mah NI-MH battery, while the third one is 300mah AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery.

And the first one, the battery is replaceable, just open the battery cover and replace it with a new one.While the second path light, the wires are soldered at the positive/negative end of the battery. It can not be replaced. The third one is also replaceable, but need to remove the 3 screws by opening the cover to change, the tool of screwdriver is needed.

The LED board of solar flicker flame path/torch light


The first flicker flame path light has a white LED bulb, it cannot be opened, seems was soldered by supersonic with good waterproof, we have to break it with a hammer to check inside, and find there is a flexible LED board , rolled into cylinder, and it has 72 SMD LEDs.

2pk solar flicker flame path light

The second one has similar white LED bulb, but fixed by 3 screws, we can open it and there is a same rolled LED board, but only has 33 LEDs.

The third one has the normal LED board with only 12 pieces of LEDs.

8pk solar flicker flame path light

We also attached a photo of LEDs comparison of the three flicker flame path/torch light, From these pictures we can understand how the flicker flame light works, the flexible LED board are rolled and light on randomly to simulate the flicker flame effect.  thus we think the more LEDs will have a better flame effect. we can check the performance at below.

LED comparison

Brightness Level  –

For a solar flicker flame path light, the brightness is also important. However, many people lastly buy a low-end lighting system that does not produce much brightness. Lumen is the unit that determines the level of brightness of a light. So, it is better to opt for a solar flicker flame path lighting torch that offers higher lumens. As we introduced as above, the bigger solar panel, bigger capacity battery means higher lumens. Because bigger solar panel can absorb more solar lighting, and store more power in the bigger capacity battery, that can generate more lighting for brightness, it is understandable, right? So let’s check the claimed lumens for these three flicker flame path light torch.

The claimed lumen for the first Hampton Bay flicker flame path light is 6 lumens.

The second KYEKIO Brand flame path light claimed lumen is 35 lumens.

The third one Grand Patio flame path light did not claim the lumens.

Now we can find the question, the Hampton Bay solar flicker flame path light has larger solar panel and battery capacity, but the KYEKIO flame path light has higher claimed lumens. We believe most of consumers will have their judgment till now. For us we’d rather trust the Home Depot’s Hampton Bay Brand. And actually it can also be verified by checking the performance at below, or you can compare with your other solar light about the lumens.

Price Level of Solar Flicker Flame Path/Torch Light -

From below , we can find the price of the Hampton Bay 2PK solar black flicker flame path light , the price is around $10 per head .

The price for the KYEKIO brand 8 pk solar torches is also around $10 per head, and now have some discount.

the price for Grand Patio 2pk flickering flames torch light is $13 per head, and it has the Best Seller mark on Amazon .

and the rated stars, the Hampton Bay's flame light is 4.9 stars overall with 225 reviews, the KYEKIO flame torch light is 4.6 starts with 307 reivews. and the grand patio is 4.6 stars with 68 reviews.

it is incrediable, the low quality light has the higher price and better selling. we think the Hampton Bay solar black LED flicker flame path light (2-pack) has the best cost performance, higher quality but with lower price, it is 100% customers recommanded item.

Let's see some photos from customers review for these items .


Performance of the solar Flicker Flame Path/Torch Light -

For long times, we've been looking for a realistic flame-like lamps for the outdoor decorative projects. it is so thrilled to discover these "dancing flame" or flickering flame LED path/torch lights. More than pleased with their very realistic flame-like motion, brightness, and color.  it is really a great job for whoever designed this product.

The dancing/flickering effect itself is complex and random enough that it feels quite natural — not mechanical or repetitive — and the shape and size of the flames are very satisfactory. and there is a metal mesh out of the clear lens, for the Hampton Bay solar flicker flame path light, make it looks like the fireplace, the clear plastic lens block the flys and bugs flying in and keep it clean inside.

Buyer's Guide for best solar Flicker Flame Path/Torch Light -

  • Material: First we need to check the material, the metal construcion or durability ABS plastic material. the metal construction of course is better than plastic which can be used for years.
  • Solar panel quality:  the solar panel it used , mono-crystalline, poly crystalline or amorphous solar panel. to learn which one is better you can visit our another post: how does the solar light work .  the bigger solar cells can produce more power.
  • Battery: the larger capacity is better in order to have a longer duration of lighting up. because you hope it works throughout the night.
  • LED and brightness: actually the brightness is already determined by the solar power and battery.

Conclusion -

Selecting the right solar flicker flame path light to light up your garden, yard ,patio or flowerbed and creating a delighting scene. make you and your friends feel the joy. it is a worthy investment.

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