How to DIY a solar flickering flame lantern

This little solar flickering flame lantern is perfect for use on table tops or as mood lighting; The soft , flickering flame design make it one of the most charming outdoor solar lighting. Add beautiful and romantic touch of a fire lantern without smoke and danger of real fire with this dancing or flickering flame lantern.

They are made of sturdy  steel coffee can, not only are the cans kept out of the junkyard and turned into something useful, powered by sun, this solar lantern requires no additonal energy or wiring. They do ahve a rechargeable battery taht is accessible and can eventually be changed to reboot its shine. They look great individually or in a group.

Here we make an introduction of how to DIY this solar flickering flame lantern.


Step 1

Get The Parts Ready As Below:

  • 1x Solar Panel ,
  • 1x Flickering Flame LED Bulb ,
  • 1x PCB Board ,
  • 1x Battery Compartment ,
  • 1x NI-MH Rechargeable Battery .
  • 1x Coffee Can Or Any Other Can

1. The Solar Panel we used is 2v/150mA , diameter: 82mm , laminated with high efficiency solar cells. The diameter we also have 69mm , 89mm option, choose the size according to the diameter of the can.

2. The Flickering Flame LED Bulb , This bulb include a flexible LED board with 72 pieces SMD LEDs, and a smart chip can simulate The flame flickering .

3. The PCB is also important , this SUNPO PCB is especially for this flickering flame design, and with flame effect and still on effect.

4. Battery compartment and 1.2V AA Ni-MH battery with the capacity more than 600mah will be better .

5. The coffee can or other similar cans, but since the solar panel size is 82mm , here we just used 85mm diameter can and with an edge  at the open mouth to make sure that the solar panel can not drop off . The size can be changed acccording to the solar panel size .

Step 2

Just connect the solar panel, LED bulb, and battery compartment with the PCBA by the electric soldering iron. The positive and negative are marked on the PCBA, it is easy .

Step 3

When all the parts are connected , then just attached the PCBA and battery compartment at the bottom of the solar panel ,then the solar flickering flame LED bulb is completed .

LED bulb
LED bulb 2 (1)

Step 4

Drill holes or different patterns on the coffie can, you can use some electric tools or knifes, but protect yourself safety.

Step 5

Put the  solar flickering flame LED bulb into the can. now the solar flickering flame LED lantern is done. You can enjoy the flickering or dancing flame effect provided by an energy efficient and safe LED light bulb on your table, yard or garden for all to enjoy.

solar flicker flame lantern coffee can
solar flickering flame lanten

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